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We are VANROOY creative group – creators of memorable environments. Where people are encouraged to be social, invited to be curious, and inspired to return.


We are a unique design firm based in Southern California that integrates interior architecture and industrial design.


We are intrigued by the influence of design psychology on human behavior. The interaction between people, their space, and the emotions they experience within it. Understanding these influences is fundamental to every design we create. We believe a superior experience is achieved by carefully guiding these emotions. We create formulas specifically tailored to your brand in order to achieve a greater impact with your customers.

We are designers, critical thinkers, makers and curators of details; inspired by roaming the globe, all things machined, and the beauty of nature.


Since 2007, the Team behind VANROOY creative group has been assisting their clients build successful iconic brands that make an impact in highly competitive landscapes.


Whether it’s a boutique hotel, custom club chair or personal submarine, our approach to design travels far and wide to bring a unique sense of style and engaging experience to every project.


The strength of a design is always in direct proportion to the strength of the details.

“Just a quick note to say after 35 hotels and 70 or 80 restaurants, I can say I’ve finally seen the best and most complete construction documents ever. I congratulate you, Christine and Jerry! Very fine job! I wish you the best in your endeavors.” Larry, West Coast Woodworks



Whether you’re a small company or global chain, we’re ready to sit down with you to create a custom service package that meets your projects specific needs.

Exterior + Interior Design


We’re ready to create your entire identity, that’s what we do best. From exterior + interior design to graphics, uniforms, tableware, and packaging; our team of professionals will be the appointed guardians of your project from beginning to end.

Space Planning


The best floor plans allow for functionality, comfort, and efficiency. Every space has unique character and challenges. Our goal is to make the most of your space, ensuring each guest has a one-of-a-kind experience, and you have a layout that is highly functional.

Interior Construction Documents


We create construction drawings which include plans, elevations, details, etc. providing a “biddable” set used to attain an estimated cost of construction.

Construction Administration


As your guardians of design, we provide on-site and in-office administration services to oversee the construction and implementation of the design. Our team will review material sample submittals, shop drawings for fixed interior work, and reselection of any items should it become discontinued or out-of-stock. We will work closely with your contractor to ensure all their questions are answered and that they understand and can build the design as we created it.

Product Design


We create custom furniture and lighting, tailored to your brand, then work with local workrooms to build each piece per our specifications. These products are unique to your project, making the impact of your brand more powerful.

Computer 3-D Renderings


We will create a virtual model that captures the essence and ambiance of your new space while showing you color options, textural examples and key structural elements. This allows you to view and experience your new space prior to the start of working drawings.

Brand Assessment


Does your space/product/brand have a cohesive identity? Simply put, your brand is your promise to your customer. What they can expect and how it is different from your competitors. Your products, service, graphics, signage, interior decor, and hospitality all contribute to your brand. Our assessment will identify what is working for and against your brands success. From there we create a plan of attack that targets change in critical areas to achieve maximum brand impact.

FF+E Procurement


We source and procure all fixtures, fittings, furnishings and accessories for our projects. Our interior designers work alongside some of the best up and coming LA designers and artists to source one-off pieces of furniture, home accessories, artwork, and antiques. By working with suppliers for so many years, we can provide highly competitive pricing for most FF+E items.

FF+E Specifications


This service allows you to better understand which products we are selecting for your space, the supplier and manufacturer of these items, and what you will be receiving for your investment. These specifications act as a support to the construction documents, identifying specific finishes, carpets, pieces of art work etc. We will provide you with a complete specification binder including sources, proposals, manufacturer’s samples and illustrations of all items within your newly designed space.


We are proud to be creating designs for some of the best local and global brands.